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Just What the Doctor ordered The History of American Medicine

Just What the Doctor ordered The History of American Medicine
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Lerner Publications Company Minneapolis
1997 88
20x23 (cm) ill. b/n n.t. - b/w ills.
cart. edit. ill. - Hardcover Usato ottime condizioni - used very good
Inglese - English text   600 (gr)
082251737X 9780822517375
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This well-written volume chronicles the history of American medicine, from the early use of plants and herbs to current practices such as laser surgery. Beginning with a description of Indian ceremonies and remedies, the book addresses practices such as blood-letting and hydrotherapy, and remedies like Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Tonic for Female Problems. The well-organized and concise text effectively explains medical developments in a historical context, often incorporating quotes from primary sources. Young readers will see, for example, what effect disease played in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and how Upton Sinclair's The Jungle spurred Congress to pass the Federal Food and Drugs Act. The black-and-white photos and reproductions complement the text and show such interesting things as turn-of-the-century dentist offices and early treatment of headaches with electricity. A lively introduction to the days before aspirin and cough syrup.

Note alle condizioni del volume

Usato ottime condizioni. Dedica a matita all'anteporta. Sovraccoperta sgualcita.(T-CA)


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