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How to Order

All the steps to order in our online bookshop.

The order is divided into the following steps: 

1) Insert your data (Record) 
2) Overview of products and prices and their inclusion in the shopping cart 
3) Confirm the selection 
4) Confirmation of order and form of payment 
5) Receive, via e-mail confirmation of the order and number of your order 

If you access at the store for the first time you click on Register and fill in the required fields. You are now a registered users and as such you can access the store by simply clicking on LOGIN typing the username and password you have chosen. You will be sent by e-mail with the details of your personal code to use. The account information will be used to send the goods purchased.

Overview of products and prices and their inclusion in the shopping cart 
Browsing the site you can select more 'products and include them in the cart. The products are selected from their sheets by clicking the button BUY 

Confirms of the choice 
When you have finished selecting all the products you are interested in your cart will appear on the list of all products, with their prices and shipping charges. If you are satisfied with the list of products click on ORDER to confirm your choices 

Order Confirmation, terms of payment and shipping On the confirmation screen you will find a summary of your order with your data. 

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