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Tibetan Furniture Identifying - Appreciating - Collecting

Tibetan Furniture Identifying - Appreciating - Collecting
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Thames & Hudson Londra
2005 226
22X29 (cm) 200 ill. a colori n.t.
t.tl. edit. con sovracc. ill.
  1400 (gr)
0500512779 9780500512777

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This is a unique time in the history of Tibetan furniture, and this is the only comprehensive book on the subject.

Tibetans value their painted furniture highly, but their reverence of antiquities for their own sake is not particularly strong. As a result, antique Tibetan furniture is more highly valued outside Tibet than it is within, and it is becoming increasingly popular among Western collectors.
Contacts with peoples all over Asia can be traced in the designs found on Tibetan furniture, recording a rich history of cultural and trading exchange. In recent centuries, the dominant artistic and cultural force has been China. Yet despite this influence, Tibetan artisans rarely copied designs precisely; rather they adapted and modified the motifs and the decorative style they saw to suit their own ends and to reflect their Tantric Buddhist outlook, so that Tibetan furniture cannot be mistaken or confused with work from other cultures.

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