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Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo Buonarroti
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Harry N Abrams New York
2004 130
23x31 (cm) 40 ill. a colori, 71 ill. b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
bross. ill. a colori con alette - paperback Nuovo - New
Inglese - English text   1000 (gr)
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This volume includes all of Michelangelo's paintings, as well as a selection of his work in sculpture and architecture. Numerous full-color details capture the works' staggering depth of meaning and magnificent beauty. Frederick Hartt, the great scholar of Italian Renaissance art, provides a fascinating account of Michelangelo's titanic genius.

When Michelangelo Buonarroti died in 1564 there ended a career unparalleled in the arts. This volume includes all of Michelangelo' paintings, presented in forty large colorplates and many sizable black-and-white reproductions. Michelangelo's career was continuously devoted to sculture; painting-and architecture-occurred only sporadically. For he painted primarily at the behest of three Renaissance popes, patrons too great to be refused, who demanded works on a herculean scale for the papal palace, the Vatican: the vast ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the enormous Last Judgment on the altar wall of that chapel, and the two mighty frescoes in the Pauline Chapel. Other painters have covered as many square feet in fresco, but only Michelangelo conceived and created works of such thunderous power, staggering in their depth of meaning and their magnificent beauty.

Frederick Hartt (1914-1991), the author and renowned scholar of Italian art writes a long essay and forty vivid colorplate commentaries that contain his own insights and the fruits of previous generations of research. Professor Hartt's account, originally published in 1964, gives us the course of Michelangelo's pain-wracked career, often in the artist's own words and those of his contemporaries, for Michelangelo's titanic genius was acknowledged in his own day as it is in ours. Whether this volume brings our first acquaintance with Michelangelo's art or renews an admiration of long standing, it offers an unforgettable experience.

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