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Feet & Footwear in Indian Culture

Feet & Footwear in Indian Culture
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Mapin Publishing India
2006 176
24x29 (cm) ill. colori n.t. - colors ills
cart. edit. con sovracc. ill. colori - Hardcover with dustjacket Nuovo - New
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This very visual work features the religious and historical significance of feet and footwear in Indian culture as reflected in the civilization's art, sacred writings, and literature.
Feet may be considered objects of worship in India, and art historian Jain-Neubauer (The Stepwells of Gujarat. o.p.) details the variety of ancient and traditional footwear that existed as a result of the diversity of climates, different ethnic and cultural traditions, and exposure to new ideas from elsewhere. For example, toe-knob sandals were worn by merchants and holy men, while elaborately embroidered footwear was favored by the wealthy.
Throughout the work are dozens of well-photographed examples, made from leather, wood, felt, or vegetable fibers, embellished with embroidery and tasseling, or inlayed with precious stones. The final chapter documents the making of footwear by village craftspeople today. Photographs are clearly identified, and an explanation of foreign terms is provided. For costume and Indian culture collections. (T-CA)


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