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US Carriers at War

US Carriers at War
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Ian Allan Publishing London
1981 130
22x29 (cm) ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
tela ed. sovracc. ill. colori - hardcover with dustjacket Usato ottime condizioni - used very good
Inglese - English text   1000 (gr)
0711010773 9780711010772
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One of the most significant military weapons systems employed during World War 2 was the aircraft carrier. Early use of carrier-based air strikes by the Japanese allowed them to score tremendous victories, but their failure to rebuild let alone expand the carrier force they lost at the Battle of Midway made it exceedingly difficult for them to remain on the offen-sive. For the United States did produce an expanded aircraft carrier force of three different size ships and this fleet, the world's largest naval aviation force, scored victory after victory and was an essential element in pushing the Japanese back to their home islands.
Some of the greatest exploits of US Navy aircraft carrier operations in both the Atlantic and the Pacific - are told in this new book by American aviation historian Peter Kilduff. The product of extensive research, this book portrays in personal account and from official documentation the stories of courage in the face of adversity and triumph after struggle that marked the air operations from the flight decks of US Navy aircraft carriers at war.

Note alle condizioni del volume

Usato ottime condizioni, lievi segni di uso e del tempo, bruniture, ammaccature agli angoli. (T-CA)



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