Chi vuol essere lieto sia Tuscany, as told through its music SENZA CD Audio Libreria della Spada Libri esauriti antichi e moderni Libri rari e di pregio da tutto il mondo

Chi vuol essere lieto sia Tuscany, as told through its music WITHOUT CD Audio

Chi vuol essere lieto sia Tuscany, as told through its music WITHOUT CD Audio
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Officina Fibonacci 12 Firenze
2013 112
15x21 (cm) ill. b/n n.t. - b/w ills.
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Translation by Katie Boyle.

Through a path that goes from the beginning of the 11th century to the present day, Luigi Gagliardi reconstructs on the notes of ballads, work songs, stornelli, famous Renaissance pieces and popular songs, a history of Tuscany, revisiting the original scores with philological rigor and proposing them with unusual arrangements of great modernity. Along this path we meet Guido d'Arezzo, Lorenzo de 'Medici, Vincenzo Galilei, Galileo's father, but also lullabies or songs that belong to the oral tradition, up to the most famous pieces of the twentieth century song such as "Mattinata Fiorentina". For each of these pieces, in the pages that accompany them, themes, notations, anecdotes, often little known, and the musical scores that make this publication precious and unique are highlighted. A narrative made up of notes that harmonize the most cultured and sophisticated compositions with the most authentic popular tradition, to tell the emotions and feelings of men and women in their daily life, whose memory has defined the Tuscan identity over the centuries.

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Usato come nuovo, lievissimi segni del tempo, SENZA CD AUDIO. (T-CA)


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