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Laurel Glen Publishing San Diego
1997 84
30x30 (cm) tavv. colori - colour plates
bross.ill colori con alette - paperback illustrated Usato buone condizioni- Used Good
Inglese - English text   800 (gr)
1571456074 9781571456076
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Photographer Arnold, noted for his beauty and nature photographs, here fashions a stunning book that would grace anyone's coffee table but that has limited value for most libraries. Other than a brief historical introduction, a one-page listing of suppliers of bulbs, and a single page on tulip classification, there is no text. By far the greater part of Arnold's book consists of 70 pages of full-page color photos of tulips, in close-up, usually against a white or black background, often a single specimen. There is a ``Pictorial Index'' of the photographs in miniature. Recommended only for comprehensive collections in photography and botanical illustration.

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Usato in buone condizioni, segni d'uso. (T-CA)



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