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Rights through making

Rights through making
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Polistampa Firenze
2008 80
17x24 (cm) ill. colori n.t. - colour ills.
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Inglese - English text   600 (gr)
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(Ethics in design 1).

The lack of solutions for the complexities of the modern world, such as environmental issues, cultural clashes, ideological warfare and the breakdown of cultures, indicates that we might have touched upon the limits of the rationally and positively driven practice of the Western world. The authors of the volume believe that the design thinking, where action and thinking are combined, could take the lead in developing a new approach to these global problems. Sharing the “language of making” might break down barriers between people, ideologies and communities, while at the same time preserving diversity. The proposed project is indeed a first step towards this ambitious program: this book proposes to use the power of making, conjugated with local design culture, to pave the way for a new way of communicating and a new way of thinking. (T-CA)


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