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Lincoln at War 1944-1966

Lincoln at War 1944-1966
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Ian Allan Publishing London
1979 178
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Developed from the Lancaster and designed for use with the Allied Tiger Force in the Pacific, the Lincoln was the last piston-engined bomber to be used by the Royal Air Force. The surrender of Japan deprived it of a chance to prove itself in World War II but it became the main workhorse for the RAF bomber squadrons in the immediate postwar years, successfully bridging the gap between the Lancaster and the jet-age V-bombers.
Not that the Lincoln's role was entirely peaceful. It was used in active policing and deterrent duties in all the trouble spots of the 1950s - Malaya, Aden and Kenya. It also played an important part in the field of development, as a test bed for new jet engines, equipment and techniques and was widely used for training. Perhaps its most important, and secret, position was as a test aircraft for the Bombing Trials Unit, Central Bombing Establishment and Bomb Ballistics Unit. Extensively modified by the Royal Australian Air Force, it showed its versatility in maritime reconnaissance duties as the Mark 31.
Whilst the operational history of the Lincoln cannot match that of its glamorous wartime forebears, it was an important aircraft, and in this book the authors of Lancaster at War have done it full justice. Once again they have used their specialised knowledge and comprehensive files to produce a book whose many photographs from hitherto unpublished sources and eyewitness accounts by air and ground crew, regulars and National Servicemen alike, tell the full story of a plane that was the last of its kind.

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Usato ottime condizioni, lievi segni di uso e del tempo. (T-CA)



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