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Boutique London: King's Road to Carnaby Street

Boutique London: King's Road to Carnaby Street
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Antique Collectors Club New York
2010 280
20X27 (cm) 150 ill. colori 55 ill. b/n
cart. edit. ill.
  1100 (gr)
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To any style conscious Londoner in the sixties just two places mattered: the King's Road and Carnaby Street. By the end of the decade the whole world came to see and be seen, to take part in the theater that played out of the new boutiques and onto the street.

From the sleek modernist tailoring of 'Top Gear' and 'His Clothes' to the nostalgic dressing up box style of the World's End boutiques, at the heart of it all were the young designers whose conviction to make and sell clothes on their own terms generated an explosion of talent which lasted and evolved over twenty years, leaving an indelible mark in fashion history.
Boutique London follows the journey of the first risk-takers like Mary Quant and John Stephen, to the celebrity salons of Ossie Clark, 'Mr Fish' and 'Granny Takes a Trip', stopping along the way to include the weird and the wonderful, the glamorous and the bizarre.
With in-depth profiles of over thirty retailers and lavish illustrations, the clothes, interiors and characters of Boutique London are as diverse as they are colorful, vividly bringing to life a vanished London, which changed the way we shop forever. (F1)

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