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Art and Power in the central african Savanna

Art and Power in the central african Savanna
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Fonds Mercator SA Brussel
2008 159
26X31 (cm) 136 ill. di cui 112 a colori n.t.
cart. edit. sovracc. ill.
  1800 (gr)
9061538300 9789061538301

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Testo in inglese.

A cura di  Barbara J. Bradley, Laurence Channing.

Cat. mostra The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio 2008.

This catalogue brings together 60 Central African sculptures whose original purpose was to mediate between the human and spirit worlds. For centuries, the Luluwa, Chokwe, Songye, and Luba peoples of the Central African savanna have produced figures that were adorned or filled with ingredients imbued with specific spiritual powers.

In most traditional forms, these works are small and nonfigural and used in the context of the family; any manner of container might be used to carry the special substance. But as power was consolidated among kingdoms and chiefdoms over the course of the 19th century, larger and more ambitious sculptures were developed to serve entire communities. As works of art designed to carry power, they acquired dual function, embodying both spiritual and political qualities. From small, abstract containers to large and elaborate figures carved and decorated with great refinement, the catalogue presents a compelling array of these beautiful and fascinating works of art, many of which had never before been exhibited.

This catalogue is filled with many, mostly fullpage colour illustrations of the objects that are accompanied by insightful texts concentrating on the cultural meaning, the various forms and on each region specifically. (CA)


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