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The Stones of Venice

The Stones of Venice
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Vendome Press New York
2002 176
25x31 (cm) 157 ill. colori n.t. - colors ills
cart. edit. con sovracc. ill. colori - Hardcover with dustjacket usato buone condizioni - used good
Inglese - English text   1600 (gr)
0865652457 9780865652453
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17.24 €

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Following the footsteps of John Ruskin, who loved the city so well, this beautiful, specially photographed book on Venice is a thesis on the texture, colour, shape and endless uses of stone in the hands of sensitive artists.
A remarkable and evocative text explains the magic birth of Venice, that rose from the waters like the sea goddess Venus with whom the city is identified. We see how the lagoon's two main islands were linked by a great sculpted bridge at the Rialto, how the city was protected from both tides and enemies by encircling ramparts of Istrian stone. The author and photographer lead us through the magic city on beautifully patterned stone pavements, passing by elaborate marble wells, they guide our vision towards sometimes rough and often elegant polished facades, ornamented with anything from coats of arms to a fantastic bestiary, that make up rippling stone curtains behind which are still courtyards or gardens and splendid rooms with marble inlaid floors on which floral-like panels proliferate.
The author brings to life the poets, artists and statesmen that once passed through the stone garden and theater that is Venice, while he and the photographer take us across historic and variegated stone bridges and, from the top of the bell towers on the Piazza San Marco, guide our eyes downwards toward the endless variety of rooftops with their water spouts, elaborate cornices, marble ornaments and gargoyles. This is a book that will be a revelation to people who know Venice well and also a source of inspiration to designers and architects.

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Usato buone condizioni, lievi segni del tempo, strappetti alla sovraccoperta. (T-CA)


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