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Sèvres Porcelain From the Sevres Museum 1740 to the Present Day

Sèvres Porcelain From the Sevres Museum 1740 to the Present Day
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Lund Humphries Aldershot (U.K.)
1997 150
23x29 (cm) ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colour and b/w ills
cart. edit. sovracc. ill. - hardcover with dust jacket usato come nuovo - used like new
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Translated by John Gilbert.

The manufacture of porcelain at Sevres has a long and eventful history: for over 250 years Sevres has been a centre of innovation and creativity in porcelain manufacture, and during its earliest days served the royal courts of France.

This beautiful book charts the history of porcelain manufacture at Sevres, and the development of the Museum itself. It is the most comprehensive guide to be produced of the Museum's collection, the only collection in the world to hold examples of all the different styles and methods of production of Sevres porcelain, and illustrates over 150 of the most important pieces in full colour.


History of a Royal Porcelain Factory: From Vincennes to Sevres
The earliest wares of the Vincennes factory: 1740-1756
Sculpture at the Vincennes factory: 1740-1800
Sevres soft-paste porcelain services & ornamental pieces from 1756
Soft-paste porcelain plaques and stylistic developments from 1775
The appearance of hard-paste porcelain & the triumph of the antique: 1772-1800

The Factory & the Museum under the Direction of Alexandre Brongniart
The First Empire: 1800-1815
The Restoration & the July Monarchy: 1815-1848

Discoveries & Changes at Sevres during the Second Half of the 19th Century
The Second Empire and the beginning of the Third Republic: 1852-1876
Removal of the factory & the museum to their present buildings and the discoveries of Vogt & Lauth: 1876-1897
Alexander Sandier: 1897-1916

Sevres in the 20th Century
International Exhibitions & Porcelain in the Industrial Age: 1920-1964
Contemporary artists & Sevres in the second half of the 20th century
The most important marks of Vincennes & Sevres


Glossary of technical terms
Directors of the Sevres factory from the 19th to the early 20th century
The National Factory of Sevres (1938-1992)
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