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Renato Guttuso Revolutionary Art. Fifty Years from 1968

Renato Guttuso Revolutionary Art. Fifty Years from 1968
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Silvana Editoriale Milano
2018 168
24x29 (cm) 120 ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
cart. edit. ill. colori - Hardcover Nuovo - New
Inglese - English text   2000 (gr)
8836639089 9788836639083
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Turin, Gam, 23 February- 24 June 2018.

The volume examines the painting research, spanning about four decades, conducted by Renato Guttuso. He was a figure in the forefront of Italian art from the late-20th century and an absolutely prominent player in the setting of fervent debates enlivening that period.
It has gathered together a representative sample of the works that best illustrate the artist’s will to provide shape and substance to an art form of civil commitment: from Fucilazione in campagna (Execution by Gunshot in the Countryside, 1938) to the drawings of Gott mit Uns (God with Us, 1944); then continuing during the 1960s with Documentario sul Vietnam (Documentary on Vietnam, 1965) and Giovani innamorati (Young Lovers, 1968), the symbol of equal, revolutionary love; and, later, with Funerali di Togliatti (Funeral of Togliatti, 1972) that is a compendium of the history of struggles and hopes of a population, together with the reasons behind the political activism of a man and of an artist.
In close proximity with this production, the volume also proposes traditional painting subjects and a precious collection of hardly-known works – which are in some cases absolutely unprecedented. (T-CA)



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