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Relaxed HomeCreating comfortable rooms with a romantic feel

Relaxed HomeCreating comfortable rooms with a romantic feel
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Ryland Peters & Small London - New York
2006 144
15x17 (cm) ill. colori n.t. - colors ills
bross. ill. a colori con alette - paperback Usato ottime condizioni - used very good
Inglese - English text   500 (gr)
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Photography by Polly Wreford.

The decoration of our homes provides the backdrop for much of our lives. It is also, together with the way we dress, one of the opportunities we have to express our personality. The Relaxed Home offers the inspiration you need to stamp your own style on your surroundings and create a relaxed, welcoming environment in every room of your home and in your outdoor spaces.

Taking you through the home room by room and out onto patios and terraces, Atlanta Bartlett shows how to introduce the relaxed look in five subtly different ways. Relaxed Simplicity softens and updates the stark, cool interiors that have been fashionable recently by adding bright splashes of colour, interesting textural effects or the clean, curving lines of fifties furniture. In Relaxed Romantic, pretty floral fabrics make a come-back, but used sparingly and combined with pale, uncluttered interiors, they take on a fresh new feel. Those who crave the unashamedly sensual - embroidered silks and satins or crisp cotton sheets - will love Relaxed Sensuality, while glamour aficionados who long to surround themselves with elegance will revel in the fin-de-siècle carved wooden mirrors and bedsteads and crystal chandeliers of Relaxed Elegance. And if you can't stop collecting - junk-shop finds, holiday mementoes, antique clothing - Relaxed Eclectic will show you how your treasures can become the inspiration for some truly chic interiors.

Full of achievable, affordable decorating ideas, The Relaxed Home is the book for the way we live now.

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