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Oriental Rugs in Renaissance Florence

Oriental Rugs in Renaissance Florence
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S.P.E.S. - Studio Per Edizioni Scelte Firenze
2007 280
21x31 (cm) 94 ill. a colori, 7 ill. b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
cart. edit. con sovracc. ill. colori - Hardcover with dustjacket Nuovo - New
Inglese - English text   2000 (gr)
8872423147 9788872423141
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(The Bruschettini Foundation for Islamic and Asian Art. textile Studies. 1).

Much has been written about the trade in Oriental rugs in Europe – in Italy in particular – using documentary and visual sources to identify types. Marco Spallanzani’s book takes the study of the trade to a higher level of precision and insight. It focuses on Florence from the fourteenth century to the sixteenth, and in a systematic way treats issues relating to supply and demand: importation, distribution, the range of customers, prices and sizes, functions and taste. It is a distillation of knowledge that comes from years of patient archival study, analysing hundreds of different types of document, from inventories to letters, from bills of lading to records of excise duty. The author uses visual evidence, and the book is beautifully illustrated in colour with depictions, mainly by Florentine painters, of scenes in which carpets, rugs and covers appear. The combination of documentary and visual sources, rigorously analysed, makes this book a fundamental study of the subject. -Anna Contadini, School of Oriental and African Art, London. (T-CA)


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