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Mercedes 2 voll.

Mercedes 2 voll.
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Konemann Colonia
1997 700
28X34 (cm) moltissime ill. a colori n.t.
t. tl. edit. sovracc. e cofanetto ill. a colori
  6000 (gr)
3895088994 9783895088995
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2 volumi.

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There's not doubt about it: the Mercedes star burns brightest in the galaxy of car marques. The company has been making motoring history and outstanding contributions in the fields of engineering and design, sport and politics since 1886.

That's longer than any of us could experience personally. Such longevity has given rise to more facts, events and details than any individual could hope to remember. This book contains everything anyone could possibily want to know about Mercedes the changing history of the company and its glittering contribution to motorsport. It covers bosses and employees, inventors, constructors, and racing drivers. But at its heart stands the product, the long cavalcade of cars produced over the years, each entry lavishly illustrated with photos and including technical specifications. With a contribution by Bruno Sacco. Tracce d'uso, danni al cofanetto. (CA)


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