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Leonardo & Painting

Leonardo & Painting
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CB Edizioni Firenze
2010 152
16x18 (cm) ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colour and b/w ills
bross.ill colori con alette - paperback illustrated Nuovo - New
Inglese - English Text   500 (gr)
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Preface by Carlo Pedretti.

Leonardo was an apprentice in Verrocchios workshop, where the young artist was fascinated by the lively and updated environment. Verrocchio taught the practice of drawing to the young Leonardo, who learnt how to describe the world around him with meticulous observation. Moreover, the artist made models in plaster or clay to better understand the world around him in order to reproduce it perfectly. This book wants to trace the career of the artist, passing from the first works by Leonardo with Verrocchio, influenced by the fertile background of Florence at the end of the fifteenth century, to the greater masterpieces. The book also contains a section on the lost works. A train of thoughts connects and explains great frescoes, small paintings and prestigious commissions that have influenced so many artists. Through the pages of the book, a sort of School of the world is traced, revealing the myth of Leonardo. (T-CA)



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