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Japanese graphic art

Japanese graphic art
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Octopus Book Limited London
1976 38 + plates
24x30 (cm) 113 ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
tela ed. sovracc. ill. colori - hardcover with dustjacket usato accettabile - used acceptable
Inglese - English text   1200 (gr)
0706405218 9780706405217
23.24 € 40%
13.94 €

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Typical of graphic art in Japan are the wondrous ukiyo-e prints. At one time regared as "decadent", the colourful portraits of beauties moving around the demi-monde and of acrors performing in the popular kabuki theatres catch the spirit of the new life that developed in the major Japanese cities from the seventeenth century on.

The author traces the fascinating story of how Japanese art flourished under a number of aristocratic and military regimes, with graphic art reaching a wider audience as a result of the new printing techniques.

The selection of over 110 full-color prints reproduced here were chosen to demonstrate exactly the range and the craft of the Japanese engravers. Some of the wood-cuts illustrated books of poems, tales of warriors, and play scripts; others took their part in popular picture books celebrating such eternal themes as the beauty of women and the return to nature.

Each illustration is accompanied by helpful comments about the artist and subject. A glossary of terms round off this book - the complete guide to a most important and beautiful art form.

Usato in condizioni accettabili, sovraccoperta con strappetti e mancanze e tracce di umidità, copertina con segni di sporco e tracce di umidità, interno del volume in buone/ottime condizioni. (T-CA)


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