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Filippo Sciascia Video Painting Kadek

Filippo Sciascia Video Painting Kadek
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Filippo Sciascia Indonesia
2003 58
30x24 (cm) ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
brossura - paperback usato buone condizioni - used good
Italiano/Inglese - Italian/English text   500 (gr)
N/D - N/A N/D - N/A
22.00 € 50%
11.00 €

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Gaya Gallery, Bali, Indonesia, 22 May – 14 June 2004.

One of the paradoxes of contemporary artistic currents lies in the fact that they rapidly become the norm and likewise are rapidly abandoned. In the art from the nineties on the basis was taken from a concept imported from other, more decisively. commercial sectors. Every year a collection, a change. In this comparison with economically superior systems founded on different principles, even important events in the artistic field have ended up being subjected to an acceleration that does not belong. On the other hand, those who are aware of the time required by art, the need for reflection and continual conceptualisation in producing a new idea, have tried to make the 'new' something 'classical', a foundation for other experiences and deeper investigation. If an idea is important it cannot be contained by a single season or even a little longer; if it is really important then it remains so always or at least for a generation.

Usato buone condizioni, segni di uso e del tempo. (T-CA)


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