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Between Dresden and Prague

Between Dresden and Prague
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Maschietto Editore Pistoia
2003 256
24x15 (cm) ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colors and b/w ills
bross. ill. a colori - paperback Nuovo - New
Italiano/Inglese - Italian/English text   800 (gr)
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Itinerant exhibition, 2002 - 2003.

Authors Susanne Altmann, Riccardo Caldura, Luca Cerizza, lain Chambers, Michal Kolecek, Gianpaolo Di Piazza, Viviana Gravano, Marcela Pozárech.

Conversation in between Laura Cherubini, Michal Kolecek, Bernardo Giorgi, Erik Göngrich, Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Between Dresden and Prague, a dream, a nightmare, a project: 13 "zipper" cities, 15 cities involved, 3 nations, 23 artists, 43 , amongst which institutions, foundations and corporations. Plus schools, libraries, translators, radio stations... to draw furth paths, weavings. Because it is in the nature of the frontier to be endlessly on the move, subject to changes generated by the e The project is a network of collaborations, a sharing of thoughts, disciplines, human experiences, in order to perceive and the distance between characters.
During the month of July 2002 the artists had been descending the river Elba on Klondike boat, in a travelling tent of 5x8x3 conceived as a mobile site for meetings and gatherings, where similarities and differences mingle in different languages.
And more: lines and routes, borders, fluctuating frontiers that create a map, a different map.
Road map, scale 1:500.000. Clash of twisted and trembling lines: spider red, pepper yellow, chrysalis green, alfa sky-b 2008 orange.
Coordinates: Czech Republic, Germany, Elba river, State Road E55. Turning the map: "Letters and numbers beside the place the square on the map which localize the place": D3, D/E3, E/F4, F5,...
Numbers, letters, codes, routes, border lines.
Border = form: what gives shape to the interior and leaves the exterior out. It is the limit of a content, the limit between far away, between known and unknown.
Border = identity: necessary reference to measure what we perceive.

Luca Bertolo
Anna Best & Andrea Crociani
David Buob & Stef Burghard
Gea Casolaro
David Cerny
Michele Dantini
Gregorio Galli
Forman Brothers
Bernardo Giorgi
Erik Gongrid
Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page
Undine Hradil
Eva Mräziková (Husákova) and Martin Mrazik

Ivan Kafka
Svatopluk Klimes
Zdenek Kovár
Michael Kurzwelly
Eva Marisaldi
Olaf Nicolai
Luca Pancrazzi
Reinigungsgesellschaft and Frank Dietrich
Pia Maria Selenka
Franco Vaccari
Katerina Vincourova
Luca Vitone
Bartosz 'Bat' Wöicik

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