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Becoming Being Passing

Becoming Being Passing
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Verbavolant Firenze
2005 60
28x38 (cm) 28 ill. a colori n.t.
cart. edit. sovracc. ill.
  1700 (gr)
0954428889 9780954428884
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English text.

Tulips have been a source of fascination for centuries. In Becoming Being Passing Sabine Pankert pays homage to this flower by making it the protagonist of a metaphor for the cycle of life. The book begins with a poem by Hermann Hesse, and then focuses on single bunch of white tulips. The large format images document the changes that result from life’s design starting with virginal buds, the development of sumptuous green leaves, the opening of white petals and yellow pistils, and then the earth toned flower turns to dust. The book itself is beautifully produced, an objet d’art with special paper, Japanese binding, and an oversize format. Changing color on every page, Becoming Being Passing is a decorative object that is like a painting one can leaf through or a splendid cadeau that one offers and receives like a bouquet of flowers. Sabine Pankert studied at the University of Dortmund School for Photo Design in Germany and was trained as a commercial photographer. She is among a growing number of the graduates from Dortmund who have had their work published internationally. (T-CA)


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