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American Antique Furniture a book for amateurs 2 voll.

American Antique Furniture a book for amateurs 2 voll.
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Dover Publisher Inc. New York
1966 1106
20x27 (cm) 2115 ill b/n n.t. - b/w ills
bross. ill. a colori - paperback Usato ottime condizioni - used very good
Inglese - English text   2600 (gr)
0486215997 - 0486216004 9780486215990 - 9780486216003
41.32 € 25%
30.99 €

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A re-issue of the first trade edition of this classic text, published in 1937. Perhaps classic collection of pictures is a better description, as what Miller set out to do was create an encyclopedic survey of American furniture forms and styles down to “about 1840”.
In this he succeeded, drawing heavily on many private collections in the Baltimore area as well as other archives. Semowich notes that “it is still considered a standard reference book”, whose “usefulness lies in its photographs”, and Homer Eaton Keyes, editor of the Magazine Antiques, praised the book in its Foreword as a good tool to acquiring “the fundamental knowledge essential to a correct stylistic analysis of any reasonably pure example of old-time American furniture”.

Usato ottime condizioni segni di uso e del tempo. (T-CA)

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